I do not even know how to wrap my head around it, but we bought our dream home today. We do not dare celebrate before everything is 100% sure, which we will know by the end of next week, but I am thrilled. Martin, my boyfriend, is too. We hardly slept last night, and we have been struggling to keep our hearts within our bodies for the most part of the day. I feel so relieved, as we have been hunting for a while now. I can already picture everything. Every single detail I want to add in order to make it our home. On the top of that list is a cat. A big, furry and intelligent cat.

I am not going to show the apartment until we have for sure moved in, and I have made it at least a bit my own. But picture big windows, huge windowsills, bright but cozy. It suits my personality just perfect, and Martin loves it too. It will be a great place for us to just be the two of us, and a cat. I will not forget about the cat. We will wait until after summer to get a kitten, as I think it would be kind of cruel to get one and spend most of the time outside in the sun, leaving it home alone. Which means we will get a cat, and I can say it will be my birthday gift, as I turn 25 in August. It would be the best present ever. (I am going to place som hints in Martin's direction now, he he.)

Since we are not celebrating quite yet before we are a 100% sure, (We would hate to have our hearts crushed) we sort of celebrated by taking a long bike ride. I adore my pink bike, and I feel really calm and relaxed when I bike. Like I have said before, it is like a no anxiety-zone. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

"Why so serious?"

It is safe to say that I am pretty happy, excited and thrilled right now. I have had the best day in a long time. It might just be the best day ever. I feel like I am walking on clouds, but I will try not to get too carried away. I will let myself go by the end of next week. When we truly are 100% sure. Then we will pop the champagne, or in my case; eat tacos. I always celebrate with tacos.

Now I look forward to moving in! Iiiiih. I cannot really calm down anytime soon, I think. My brain is in "make the most out of the space you have and still make it look amazing"-mode. I do not know how to turn my creativity off.

I need to breath now. I hope you guys look forward to seeing the "final" result of our future home. I sure cannot wait to show you!