I guess we had a small taste of summer today in Trondheim. It was sunny, lovely and I had to have frozen yoghurt. That is enough to give me that summer feeling. Today has been a strange day. My childhood home got sold today, which I do not really mind at all. (Knowing my story, you will most likely understand.) But it is a bit strange to think that I will most likely never go back there, and if I do someone else will live there. I hope it is going to live another little weird girl with a cat obsession there, and that she will remind the neighbors of how strange I used to be, haha. (I am still quite strange though. That will most likely never change.)

I guess selling means closing a chapter in our lives, and I think both my parents, my little brother and I look forward to changing things up a bit. We still have our cabin, and I have always considered that to be my true home. It is a place dear to us all, and it is the thing I miss the most as I have moved quite far away. It is our own little paradise, once built by my grandfather (whom I never got to meet), and we restored it some years back and made it evolve from a Charmander to a Charizard, if I might say so. We also grow cat nip out there, so the feline family members feels quite happy and relaxed out there as well, haha.

But before I tell you guys my life story ( do not worry, I do not intend to do so. Not today, haha), I want to share my day with you. I have had the day off. Off from work, off from studying, off from worrying. I have just enjoyed the warm weather, being able to go outside without a jacket and eating frozen yoghurt that I should really not be eating as I am not suppoesed to have dairy, but you got to celebrate. ( And when your boyfriend is unable to stop the frozen yoghurt machine in time, you got to help him eat it.)

I will be leaving this beautiful neighborhood soon, but hopefully we do not end up too far from here. Just a small bike ride with my pink bike.

(Does anyone else struggle with finding sunglasses to fit a small face? I finally found these ones from New Look, which does not make me look like a bug. Not too much of a bug at least. Bzzzzzzst.)

My favorite spot by the river. Where the ducks usually gome to say hello/see if I have food.

I wore my standard color combination today. Pastel green and dark pink. It is becoming my "trademark" in a way, I guess. Haha. ( Cardigan from Forever21, skirt from store who shall not be named because of sexism, but it is 5 years old anyway, so it does not really matter, top/sweater from Nelly and my old topshop satchel.)

Tomorrow we are going to spend half the afternoon/night viewing different apartments. We have our eyes set for one of them especially, and I want it so badly (if it lives up to our expectations). Keep your fingers crossed for us! It would be great to finally buy an apartment, and not having to spend more time hunting. It would also mean we can get a cat soon. I have already planned that I want to build my own cat house for it, like the "crazy" cat lady I am. Something geeky, but adorable.

Hopefully my next blog post will be about the fact that we have bought ourselves an apartment.