I feel like I blinked, only to open my eyes and see that the leaves were almost gone. Autumn felt like an avocado this year. Green, green, still green, still green, slighly yellow, and then I blinked. But even though I have not been able to take as much advantage of my favorite season as I would like to, I have still had some wonderful autumnal moments - and it has given me newfound inspiration for photography. A hobby I have had for more than a decade, but that keeps getting limited due to the whole "not good enough" idea I too often place in my head. I intend to stop that, and I intend to get more involved in the technical aspects of it - I have always struggled a little with things that are based on numbers, and I have not been the best with patience either. My reward for diving deeper into this topic will be to one day update my camera eqipment. (I say my, but I guess ours - Martin and I share.)

Trondheim is beautiful this time of year. The whole of Norway is, really. Although living this far north has its downsides (I am looking at you, winter. You last too long.) I am so thankful of the variation of the seasons. With so many valleys and trees, and with all the trees changing into the most beautiful warm colors, Norway is a sight to behold. Even if you are a city dweller most of the time, like me. (Suburb/country girl by nature though. I grew up right next to the forest after all.)

November has often been like a month of grief for me, as I feel so sad about leaving autumn behind, and that it is almost a whole year until I get to reunite with my favorite colors all over again. The only thing that can slighly compare is strawberry season and the time leading up to Christmas. I find the Christmas celebrations by themselves to be a bit stressful, but I love the markets, the "gløgg", and all the lights lightening up those darkest days of the year. But even though I feel ready for December, I want to make autumn last as long as possible. The leaves are mostly gone, but I have brought some of them inside. I can fool the cats as well as myself to think it is still very much autumnal outside for a little while longer. (Plus it definitely helps that I still have a few photos to post.)

Autumn is a time where I tend to blend in with my surroundings more than usual. I mean, I always wear earth tones, but the variation of colors makes it easy to hide in a pile of leaves and potentially scare people. (I am a bit too shy for that though.)

I sure am going to miss these autumnal months. But I will make the most out of indoor snuggle season too. We are currently in the process of making a headboard, and we plan to turn the bedroom into a proper reading den - finally. Also, Outlander has returned, I reunited with Spyro (on PS4) today, and I am seeing Fantastic Beasts tomorrow night. November does not have to be so dreadful and dark after all!

- Susanne

(My backpack is from Leaflingbags on Etsy.)