I have been so busy lately, but I finally have two days to just do nothing before I am working this weekend. I have finished one exam, and it went rather well considering my brain stopped working half way through the examination. Suddenly I could not remember anything about the history of the Norwegian language. But I got the grade I needed, and dared hope for, so I am happy with it despite having a wierd brain day. I have four more this spring, before taking the rest of the exams I need before Christmas. I cannot wait to be done with them all.

As if exams are not stressful enough, Martin and I are currently looking to buy our first home together. A cozy 1-bedroom apartment is our goal. Big windows to let a lot of natural lighting in, a kitchen with at least potential, and a windowsill or two for our future cat and me. The market is quite insane at the moment here in Norway, so even though we have found many potential ones, someone else always ends up being the highest bidder. The apartments usually falls in the hands of parents that are buying for their kid. We cannot really compete with that. But fingers crossed, I have not lost hope just yet!

Despite this being a stressful time for me, I am currently doing very well. Both anxiety wise and with pretty much everything else. As it is finally getting warm enough to wear a little less clothes, I feel more free, lighter and happier.

New in, and I love them. Shoes from Anna Field, both blouses are from New Look.

Top from New Look, skirt from Zara, my favorite necklace (that I wear all the time) from Accessorize and bag from Topshop.

Mmmmmm, frozen yoghurt. It was worth the tummy ache and brain freeze.

Shoes from Pier One, top from New Look, skirt from Zara and necklace from Accessorize.

I am so excited about buying our very first home, as I have been renting for years and never really settled down anywhere yet. I have so many dreams and visions of how I want to create my own little creative space, and moments where I might just die of cuteness overload with out future kitten. I am turning 25 this August, and I wish to have my own place in the world. A place just for the two of us, Martin and I (and the cat of course.) I imagine our apartment will look like a floral garden, combined with wood and comfortable furniture. I dream of a desk by the window, where I get to finish my very first novel.

My biggest dream is to write after all. To write and to have a kitten. Those dreams does not seem so far away now. Cross your fingers for me!