In October I had the privilige of finally visiting a city I have dreamt of seeing for nearly a decade. I was worried my health would not allow me to, or that I would end up regretting going after potentially having to spend most of the time in a hotel bed. But my body was most kind to me - even after a long day of traveling, it only left me feeling a bit like I had the flu during the morning of our first day there. If you do not know, I have ME. It causes me fatigue and chronic flu-like symptoms, and when I am tired it causes me cognitive difficulties. Anyway, when booking this trip, I tried to take my health into consideration. We picked a central apartment hotel, which gave us the opportunity of making meals there, if I would not feel up to a café or resturant. We ate all our breakfasts there, and having that slow paced morning was very helpful for my energy levels thoughout the rest of the day. I did not have to start the day with searching for something I can eat. I am a non-dairy pescatarian, who eats plantbased as often as I can, all while being on a gluten-free trial diet. Finding food can be a treasure hunt - and not the fun kind. Did I mention I am not supposed to have soy either? Yikes. (Psst! Our hotel was Mode Edinburgh in Queens Street. We found it relatively affordable and central.)

I am very grateful my body let me take this trip, and that it let me enjoy it as much as I was able to. I had such a good time, and I felt "normal". I felt like myself again, and not like someone who has been trapped in a body that does not collaborate. It left me with a bigger kindness towards myself, and memories I will treasure for as long as I live. This was our first holiday together, alone, after having been together for over 5,5 years. And Edinburgh was the perfect place to go!

Our first few days there was spent mainly exploring from the Tour Buses. I highly recommend them - especially if you struggle walking for longer periods of time. We saw Grassmarket, Edinburgh Castle (warning: busy), Elephant house and the National Museum. We went to magical stores in Victoria Street, and I found some Harry Potter related treasures there. (Look after engraved spoons in Museum Context. And do not let the muggles get you down - but get that spoon. I sure did.)

A view of Edinburgh Castle through the autumnal trees of Greyfriars Kirkyard.


We also visited Greyfriars Kirkyard, which was a bit crowded with Harry Potter tourists, and I did not end up taking a photo of Tom Riddel's grave. (Which is fine. I would not have posed in front of it for a photo anyway - I feel a bit funny about that.) But I saw it, and I was facinated with the stories from this kirkyard. And of the kirkyard itself. In daylight it was a great spot for autumnal gloominess.

Edinburgh Castle from Greyfriars Kirkyard, on the path down towards Grassmarket.


When we needed a break from the rain, and gloominess, we went to Hula Juice Bar & Gallery, as we had done a bit of googling beforehand - and it turned out to be a great place for plantbased food. I had a maple sirup matcha latte, I belive it was called, and it was perhaps the best one I have ever had. (Warning: avocado toast comes with more avocado than the regular person can handle.)

Our first few days was a bit challenging weather wise, and Edinburghians (is that a thing) on Instagram kept apologising as if I was not used to weather like this. I am Norwegian after all, and I quite enjoyed seeing Edinburgh in rain and warming sun. (The wind was a bit much though. Strong wind and a light bone structure and petite body size is not the best combination. But when I had the wind behind me it did save me some energy, I will give it that - although I feared taking off at some point.)

That is it for part one, but I will do a few more. I have so many pictures from the last few days, and especially our adventures though Dean Village and The Royal Botanical Gardens. (My favorites.)

I hope this weekend has treated you with kindness.

- Susie