I cannot begin to explain how good it feels to be able to write again. My arm(s) have not been working properly lately, so the doctor's orders were to relax, which meant no blogging and no gaming (D'oh! ), and no work. It is safe to say that I have in some ways been bored out of my mind. I have done as the doctor said, and I have relaxed. By relax I mean watching way too many tv-shows and eat everything I could find in the kitchen cabinets. (I kid. I only ate the edible stuff. Promise.) I feel like I have saved so much energy lately that I might just take off and end up on Mars or something. I guess I will settle with riding my new pink bike around the neighborhood while looking for cats to cuddle with.

It is beginning to look like spring in Trondheim, and I hope it plans to stay. The weather here is a little unstable, but I cherish the days where the sun comes out and the sky is blue. Those days makes life a little easier.

I have spent a lot of my time day dreaming about our trip to Spain. With a little less than 1 1/2 months left, it feels like butterflies are taking residence inside me. CAN WE GO NOW, PLEASE?!

*I got myself this dress to take with me to Spain, but there has been a little error in production as it is supposed to be 8 cm longer than this one is. I will hopefully recieve a new one (with the correct lenght) in time before my vacation. How gorgeous is this dress, huh? The pattern is just perfect. It could not be any more me than this, I think. I will do a full blog post on the dress when the correct one arrives.

Homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies. I will post a recipe later if anyone is interested. They might just be the best cookies ever. (Let me believe it.)

Details of our room (and of my new dress, hehehe, giggle giggle.)

As I said, I have been eating a lot. Waffles might just be one of the best things about this world. Waffles and pancakes!

As the sun shines, and as the days grow longer, I can feel a big difference in my happiness level. I feel less anxious, less depressed, and I feel a lot more happy. I giggle more these days, and I actually want to get up from bed. The dark winter months has almost passed, and I feel like dancing down the brick road of my pastel colored neighborhood.

As I am writing this I am rolling my eyes at Martin, my boyfriend. He is currently riding my bike (INDOORS!) and making "broom broom broom" sound effects. Do you think he might be jealous of my new (very) pink bike? Hahaha, aw, how I love that silly creature.