It is almost like the temperatures dropped at the exact moment we entered October. It has gotten so cold that we have taken our heater down from storage and I have made sure to have several cups of hot beverage a day.
I do not really mind the colder weather, not at all. When I woke up this morning and smelled the cold air, it almost felt like Christmas. It might be a little early to get in the Christmas spirit of things yet - I will make sure to wait at least another month until I get too excited.

Unlike most Sundays, I have been very productive today - I am saying unlike Sundays, but I guess we can say unlike me in general. Over the weekend I have taken a bunch of pictures of clothes and accessories, and I have posted them for sale on my depop and sale account on instagram. ( Link to my Depop here and my sale account here. )

I was also able to "force" Martin outside with me for a small walk, and to take some pictures in the pretty afternoon light. It is something special about the golden hour, when the sun hits the trees and all their leaves in such a beautiful way. I might not have been wearing the most suitable shoes and dress for a walk in the park through wet leaves and grass, but my outfit had foxes on. Enough said.
Outfit details: Hat from Brixton, coat from Zara, scarf from Monki, boots from Bianco and dress from Run & fly.

It does not take much to make me exhausted, and now I must admit that my body feels especially heavy. I feel like a pizza, a cup of tea and a movie would be the perfect end of the day. All this while being wrapped up in my teddy bath robe and huge blanket of course.

I hope you have had a good weekend.