I had the intention of blogging while I was in Spain, so I could remember every single detail from our trip when I look back at it. Turns out the wifi was way too bad to even attempt to upload images, but I guess it is better late then never, right?

I had such a great time, we all did. I had not seen my parents or brother since Christmas, so it was lovely to see them again. It was also great to be able to spent some time with Martin, since we both tend to be busy people. I miss Spain now actually, even though it has not even been a week since we got back (we got back on Tuesday). I just felt so relaxed and free of my anxiety, I felt a lot more self confident (the sun has magic powers!) and I felt, if possible, even more in love with my goof of a man.

I got myself a cute hat to go with my Yumi dress, that I got from asos. Got to protect that scalp as well!

We stayed up in the mountain side, about 20 miles from Ronda, a beautiful city we spent two days in. I have never seen such a place, and I like to think I have been lucky enough to see a lot of beautiful places. The view from almost every part of the city took my breath away, and I fell in love with the history and the old buildings. As I have written many times before, old architecture combined with history is something that makes the geek in me very happy. Combined with a little bit of shopping and a LOT of food, I would consider Ronda the perfect destination. (Walking tens of thousands steps a day sure worked up an appetite. I pretty much had a constant food baby hidden under my dress. Yum, foooood.)

Walking under the cherry blossom trees was kind of a dream come true. It reminded me of Mulan, and her dads amazing quote that made it feel ok for me to be a late bloomer. I guess I still am in a way, as I still got that babyface going on, haha.

Despite my fear of heights, Ronda was amazing. I tried not to think about those people who once built these buildings, as I am sure I would have passed out, fallen and...... died, if I were one of them. Shoot, now I am thinking about it. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

My days in Spain was pretty much spent walking, wearing cute summer clothes and drinking ice tea. It also consisted of me blushing of all the attention my hair and skin color gave me. I am pale as snow, as people like to compare me, and my hair is not only blonde but it has red and copper in it. In the sunlight it looks golden, and I have grown to be very proud of it, instead of hating it and hiding it as I once did. So even though I am not really comfortable with people looking at me, it felt good. (Until one tourist filmed me and I just got extremely awkward and stubled out in the road, almost getting runned over by a burro taxi.) Good thing about having a pink undertone to your skin is that it's not as visible when your cheeks turn pink, he he.

Wearing my new amazing (but short) shorts from Miss Selfrigde. Gotta love some lace and crochet.

My absolute favorite part of our trip was the house we stayed in. With a pool and a view to die for, I was pretty much in heaven. I think we all were. Breakfasts in the morning sun, enjoying the sun in the evenings when we got back and being far from everybody else. I will say it again, it was heaven.

I want breakfast like this every day, please..

That was all the swimming I did in the pool though. I am not so tough when it comes to cold water.

I have not been able to travel in years both because of the fact that I am a full time student with jobs, but also because of my anxiety. Now I plan to travel a lot more in the future. I think our next goal is France.
(If so we have to go to Disneyland, because I am a oversized kid and Disney is... dreamy.)

I'll update you guys with the rest of my trip later. I need to eat more food now.