It has been a long time now since my last blog post, and I guess I kind of explained why I am so absent a couple of times back then, so I wont go into details about that now.

The summer has finally arrived in Trondheim, or what seems to be in Norway in general. We have had quite the crappy, rainy summer for the most part, but I have not really complained as our apartment gets very hot - and I have preferred to relax in a cooler enviroment. The past few days has been wonderful though. Perfect for summer dresses, ice cream and lemonade. This day was no exeption, and Martin even bought me some pretty sunflowers. I felt like I had to take some pictures with them, and the result ended up being kind of hilarious. Completely unintended though, I promise! That is just life with Milo, our silly kitten.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

I am wearing a dress from Vero Moda.

I guess we both wanted to smell the sunflowers.

Ahem....... nice way to ruin a picture, Milo.


*.... "sorry 'bout that, human."

It might just be me that finds these pictures funny, but I felt like sharing them. He usually ends up in my pictures somehow, as he is in constant seek of attention, and always wonders what I am up to.

Speaking of Milo (lol, like I speak about much else, or have been speaking about much else in this blog post): he had his first proper view of the outside world today.

... and he absolutely hated it...

Right now he must feel like we are the most horrible humans ever, as he had to endure cars, bikes, children wanting to pet and grab him, awkward students wearing toga costumes and small dogs.

The outside world is a scary place. He is not the bravest kitten, as he is rather whiny with a bit of seperation anxiety (He is not stressed when we are absent though, he just hates the part where we walk out the door.) He lets us know he does not think it is cool that we keep leaving him during the day time, and he even unties my shoe laces to sabotage me.

Oh, you just got to love that silly kitten.