I, or we, have had our little kitten for a week now, and it's been a joy, despite the frustrating moments of him being all over the place, vandalizing, breaking my favorite flower pot into a million pieces. For a week now I have been followed around by this little fluffy shade. He barely leaves my side, and if he loses sight of me for a second or two, he cries to find out where I am, and gets super excited when realizing I was only on the couch, where he saw me two minutes earlier. I guess I have become a mom of some sort. I can watch him sleep for hours. He is just the cutest little thing, dreaming in his sleep, chasing imaginary mice. Yup, I have become a "mom" allright. A proper cat lady in the making!

Can you really blame me for falling head over heels in love with this little guy? I promise that I am not going to be that person who always and only talks about their cat(s), but right now it is hard not to, as kittens are so damn cute, and everything they do is so adorable!

These past few days I have actually felt a little better, as I mentioned in my last blog post that I struggle with fatigue, and we are trying to sort out what it is. By feeling a little better I mean I have been able to do little things that makes life beautiful, like going for a stroll in the sunny weather, eating ice cream and collecting freckles (I get freckles everywhere). I might not be able to run a marathon anytime soon, and I might not be well enough to work in a shop at the moment or study, but for now, these little moments will have to be enough. In the meantime I am developing stories in my head, which I will write down at some point, sleeping almost as much as the cat, and being up to date on pretty much every single tv-show I know of, or care for. I might have to start all over on Pretty Little Liars, because it is just that good.

Todays outfit: A lovely sage green dress from Modcloth, my favorite little bag from Glitter, and my new slippers from Pier One. (Found at Zalando).

Trondheim is at its most beautiful when it is sunny.

It has become a little more difficult to do outfit layouts with Milo being very fond of that rose garland.

I think my summer will consist of a lot of coloring, reading and iced tea. (Artwork by Annya Marttinen)

Even though being exhausted most of the time is frustrating, I try to not let it affect those moments when I feel better, as I would not want to ruin those precious moments with negativity. It could be worse, and I do not plan to make it worse. So, speaking of those small moments. I have completed LEGO Jurrasic World, which was awesome. (I love LEGO games.) The Minions movie is coming soon, my brother will be visiting me for a week next sunday, and I plan to take a relaxing "vacation" at my parents cabin at some point this summer. It is my favorite place to be. I do not think I have to mention the kitten in this list of small things to be happy about, as it is pretty obvious that Milo is on top of that list.

I think I want another ice cream now, as it gets quite hot in our apartment. I also want a pineapple soft drink. Mmmmm.

Until next time,

- Susanne